When compared to common engines, TourEngine™ significantly reduces the fuel consumption by introducing a superior thermal management strategy.
Simplicity is a key for success. The TourEngine™ design is based on standard cylinder/piston technology allowing manufacturers to easily adopt the technology, avoiding major overhauls.
TourEngine™ substantially reduces harmful emissions compared to common engines. It can also be easily integrated with future hybrid engines further improving their efficiency and environment-friendly attributes.
Superior Thermal Management
The TourEngine™ design splits the conventional 4-stroke cycle of a common internal combustion engine between two opposing cold and hot cylinders.

A Leap Improvement in Efficiency


The TourEngine™ design splits the conventional 4-stroke cycle of a common engine between two opposing cylinders: The Cold-Cylinder hosts the intake and compression and the Hot-Cylinder hosts the combustion and exhaust.

The first prototype was operational in 2008. This prototype smooth and dynamic operation demonstrates the feasibility of the TourEngine™ cycle. Our second prototype become operational in 2012 and proven to be a useful platform for testing various crossover valves technologies. Read More


Tour Engine, Inc. was founded with the mission of developing the TourEngine™, proving its superior qualities, and bringing the engine to market. The company has been granted several patents in the US and China and is in the process of securing broad international IP protection. Read More