About Us - The Company

With the mission of developing the revolutionary opposed-cylinder split-cycle internal combustion engine and proving its superior qualities, Tour Engine, Inc. was founded in 2006. Since then, step-by-step, Tour Engine, Inc. has been developing and testing its unique technology.

Within less than a year the Chief of Research and Development, Hugo Tour, and his team, successfully designed and built an operating split-cycle TourEngineā„¢ prototype. Together with a positive feasibility report from one of the leading provider of engineering services to the world's automotive industry, and positive results from two independent thermodynamic studies conducted by consultants out of academia and a leading US national laboratory, and verified by a third independent thermodynamic study by a team at a major OEM, Tour Engine is focusing on developing and testing the next generation of prototypes. Utilizing existing relationships with leading academic institutions and personnel and working on establishing joint development projects with several major OEMs, we will rapidly produce a fully tested prototype that demonstrates the leap in efficiency, reduction in harmful emissions, and potential applications to the current internal combustion market. Our Simple approach, to design the TourEngineā„¢ based on standard cylinder/piston technology, will allow manufacturers a relatively easy transition into production.